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our vision: a healthy community in ecological balance with a thriving environment

Canada's largest Food Forest habitat regeneration and conservation project

About the Project

The Assiniboine Food Forest Inc. (AFFI) leases 40 acres of land in the east end of Brandon, Manitoba. Protected by legal caveat under the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, our 10 acres of ancient oak forest is conserved for all time. The remaining 30 acres, once thriving oak forest itself, is today a cleared field dominated by spurge and thistle after 50 years of non-intensive grazing. We plan to regenerate bio-diverse prairie, forest and wetland habitats here using permaculture techniques, supplying food and habitat for humans and wildlife into the distant future. Learn more...


Workshops raise awareness and build the food forest community. Many workshops are held in conjunction with the annual Treesblood Spring Festival on the Saturday after May long weekend. Watch the Events calendar to see what's upcoming in our schedule; we also post other food security and environmental events in the Brandon community.

Dave’s Blog

A collection of musings on the Food Forest project and related topics, being an inherently diverse and eclectic enterprise. Mostly an opportunity for Dave Barnes to publish what's on his mind ... enjoy! » visit blog

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